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Discover the joys of Juvederm in Rockford, IL and rediscover your youthful appearance. Juvederm is a gel dermal filler that smooths out fine lines and wrinkles located near the nose and mouth. Lidocaine is used in conjunction with Juvederm to provide comfort during application. After a single treatment, patients will have naturally appearing, smooth features. Additionally, the results of a single session can last for up to one year.

Why do I need Juvederm?

Youthful skin naturally has an abundance of a hydrating molecule called hyaluronic acid. Acting as an internal moisturizer, hyaluronic acid absorbs water in order to give your face a plump and natural contour. However, as you get older, the hyaluronic acid is reduced due to exposure to sunlight and lifestyle factors. This lends to loose skin and a lack of facial structure, and it causes lines to form around your mouth and nose. A safe alternative to filling facial wrinkles and lines is Juvederm, which replaces the lost hyaluronic acid.

What is Juvederm?

Juvederm is formulated using a revolutionary technology known as Hylacross. This formulation ensures that the smoothest consistency of hyaluronic acid filler is used for patients. Results of this unique formula ensure that you will see naturally looking skin. Approved by the FDA, it is no wonder that the majority of patients seeking out dermal fillers depend on the application of Juvederm for their beauty regime.

How does Juvederm work?

shutterstock_150608192How does it work? Dr. McAdoo at McAdoo Cosmetic Surgery will insert a fine needle prepped with the dermal filler Juvederm into your problem areas, such as facial wrinkles and nasolabial folds. The targeted spot of just underneath the skin is injected with filler, which instantly plumps the area to have a natural-looking and youthful appearance.

Individuals are interested in Juvederm for a variety of reasons ranging from improving the look of crow’s feet to altering the appearance of shallow cheeks. Most often patients make a visit to Dr. McAdoo for Juvederm in Rockford, IL in order to rejuvenate their facial features. Vertical lip lines and lines created through smiling, as well as wrinkles that occur with aging, are top priority for patients seeking out Juvederm treatments.