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Dr. James McAdoo, DO, FACOS, a leading cosmetic surgeon
in the Midwest, has over 10 years experience with more
than 26,000 procedures performed. He will help you achieve
the natural look you desire to feel your best. Through his
warm and personal approach, Dr. McAdoo provides the
highest quality and innovative cosmetic care available.

Dual board certified in both plastic/reconstructive and
general surgery, with Microsurgery and hand surgery
fellowships, Dr. McAdoo has the experience and expertise
needed to deliver the flawless results you deserve. His
commitment is to provide you with the latest accurate
information, as well as experienced honest advice. He will
help guide you to make practical decisions about enhancing
your overall appearance and well-being. Dr. McAdoo is the
top choice for Plastic Surgery in Rockford, and Buffalo Grove, IL.